When adoption doesn't define life

The Waddl Adventure 

​​​​​​The mission? 

To offer children a positive way to understand diversity within any family.

Why 'W.a.d.d.l' ? 

The general concept of the Waddl mission can be applied to all sorts of families and childrens' experiences of them.

Specifically though, being adopted already defines a child's past but why let it define their whole life? Why limit a child's hopes and aspirations for the future, or lower their expectations of acceptance just because of their background? Surely everyone has something that makes them unique and in that we are all the same!? 

At Waddl we want to encourage ALL children to consider what issues Adoption brings with it for children and their peers and to normalise / de-stigmatise the concept of non-conventional families. The ideal starting place? the pre-school stage where learned social judgements are only just starting to form. 

Waddl Conscience 

This is a not-for-profit enterprise. If you would like to support our cause or get involved please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!