Written for children during the Coronavirus outbreak 

Pickle Pea.. and The Pester Bug  

March 2020

99p Download from Amazon here 

​New from 'LittleGreenPea' , This e-book (and paperback) offer children reassurance and perspective amidst the current Coronavirus outbreak. 

It is written for ANY children experiencing worry in the current crisis. Pickle pea addresses some of their concerns as well as encouraging us all to consider community spirit and spreading kindness. ​

Wondering how to download? Just download the FREE Kindle app to the device you'd like to read this e-book on.  Once you've purchased the e-book on Amazon it appears in your kindle App library.

* We have chosen to publish this e-book with the lowest possible profit option (costing you 99p to download, UK) and with 14 days free sharing once you download.  Hope this helps!